Sending a ScreenFlow Document

compress           If you have ever had the need to send one of your ScreenFlow documents to someone, (and I don’t mean sending an exported .mov file, but rather, the actual ScreenFlow document) you may have noted that it’s not as easy as attaching it to an email message, or uploading it to an FTP server.  A ScreenFlow file is not just one document, but actually a folder that contains other elements,  in particular,  the .scc files. In order to ensure you include all the files when you’re sending it, you’ll need to “zip” your ScreenFlow document before sending it or uploading it anywhere. Without zipping it, you will not send the full file, and the recipient won’t be able to use it in ScreenFlow.

To zip your document, simply right-click on your ScreenFlow file, and choose “Compress”. This will package everything up into a nice, neat,  zipped file. Then you can upload that zipped file to an FTP server, or attach it to a message. So zip it before you send it.



  1. Joseph

    Appreciate the content being offered here. Very helpful for better understanding how to effectively use Screenflow.

    Now about v2. On 10/6 Lynn posted “it’s almost here”. This may be a case of Marketing enthusiam vs development’s cautious steps.

    9 days later, seems a new definition of “it’s almost here” is needed – does “almost” mean this week, next week…???

    • Lynn Elliott

      Joseph – agreed! We are all enthusiastically sitting on the edge of our seats here while our QA team does its job – and does it very well. Rest assured, it won’t be long now. And when we do release – ScreenFlow 2 will be READY for release 😉

  2. This “problem” is not confined to ScreenFlow. It is shared with many other apps for the Mac, including the iWork and iLife suites.

    The ’09 versions of Apple’s iLife and iWork suites resolves this problem in a transparent, user-friendly way. For example, unless you override the default, a Keynote file export is silently gzipped but the suffix remains .key. When your Keynote ’09 file is received and opened by the Keynote ’09 application, it is silently unzipped.

    Thus, users of iWork and iLife ’09 don’t have to worry about all of this when they want to share a project file. ScreenFlow, IMHO, should follow this fine example of user-centric design.

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