ScreenFlow Beginner Webinars


Learning a new app can be difficult, but we’ve made it much easier.

Starting fresh with new software is intimidating and often quite frustrating.  While we try to make Screenflow as intuitive as possible, some things are just better when presented in an easy to follow, thorough manner.  Between our Product Specialist Andrew Haley, and Product Evangelist Lucas Bischofberger, our 3-part beginner webinar series does just that.  Follow along as we open up ScreenFlow for the first time, all the way to batch exporting with different datarates and output destinations.

Part 1

-Opening ScreenFlow and making a new project

-ScreenFlow 5’s User interface

-Basic recording

-Adding clips to the timeline and editing

-Basic video actions and properties

-Adding titles and graphics

Part 2:

-How to setup a new project

-How to script, record and edit audio

-How to capture video, slide shows and computer audio

-Project dimesions, frame rates and resolutions

-How recording and file saving works

Part 3:

-Sound-checking and finalizing audio/video

-The export menu

-Frame rates, bitrates and settings

-Batch exporting

-Best Practices

-Continued learning

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