Vantage Social: Easy and Fast Video Publishing to Social Media

Recent studies prove that social media engagement directly correlates to the volume of videos being produced and shared.

Since timeliness is vital to social audience engagement, video production delays can cost impressions and hinder the overall success of your campaigns. Self-sufficient video editing and messaging not only gives a marketing team advantages in speed – but also an advantage over those who wait at length for other departments to produce social video for them.

Vantage Social bridges the gap between production and marketing so video can freely flow from production systems into social media platforms for the use of social marketing.

How it works:

Telestream Vantage Social performs the heavy lifting of getting video into the social media ecosystem by formatting and delivering video, graphics and metadata in social media friendly formats.

With Vantage Social, marketing teams select video, edit and simultaneously publish video and messaging to one or many social media channels at once. Social media-ready clips are then delivered to the social media team in greater volume and in less time to keep the conversation alive.

Vantage Social supports publishing to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Vimeo. It also allows publishing to cloud-based social media management platforms, online video platforms and asset management systems.

Unlike alternatives that require professional editing systems, and extensive knowledge and skills to produce social media highlights, Vantage for Social eliminates technology distractions so that marketing professionals can focus upon maximizing the impact and clarity of messaging and communication.

Vantage Social is currently deployed at entertainment, news and sports organizations to make video delivery to social media platforms fit smoothly into their production workflows, bridging the gap between the content production and social media marketing.

To learn more about posting video to social media download our ebook, 5 Ways to Post More Content (a lot) Less Time.

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