How to get past obstacles around distributing and promoting video content over social networks

Bridging the Gap

When it comes to corporate communications, both internal and external, nothing is more effective than video. As enterprise video tools and platforms continue to proliferate and mature though, corporations face more and more complex decisions about the best ways to manage and distribute their video, manage security, and integrate with other enterprise and social platforms—all while keeping down costs.

What’s changing?

Social media platforms deliver a unique ability to communicate with and build audiences. These platforms are effectively becoming CDNs and in the near future are offering video services that are highly valued by content production networks.

It is clear that executive management within content production networks sees the immediate economic benefits and long-term potential of engaging audiences to grow and build content brands through social channels. It is equally clear that video promos are far more compelling than text descriptions of the programming.


When repurposing video for social media marketing channels, there are some key considerations. Videos used for promotion and expanded content distribution need to comply with corporate branding, and may have other special requirements. Social media marketers are constrained when the video they have doesn’t have the appropriate branding, is not the right size or length, or doesn’t have the needed call to action. They may not have the technical skills or know-how to produce the finished assets they need: video editing, compositing, caption alignment and retiming, montage creation and rendering of multitrack, multilayer video in editorial formats.

Organizations need to invest in a marketing-friendly solution with editing and branding automation capability that enables marketing professionals to create great video content.


Whether a video is meant for promotion purposes or to expand an organization’s audience, ultimately it must be delivered to various social media platforms. The choice of whether to deliver directly to those platforms or to a social media management system depends upon company policy, however, it is likely that both models will be required. With that in mind, the solution must provide:

  • API interfaces to manage content publishing to the social platforms that can be tracked, report failures in the event of delivery problems
  • The return of video URLs that can be stored in the asset management systems so that these assets are as accessible and retrievable as any other produced by the network
  • Integration with tracking and analytics systems to measure the success of individual clips and compare that success across all of the platforms and accounts that host it


Organizations that want to leverage video content to promote their brands, and expand their audiences, need a solution to help their marketing teams easily repurpose video to social media channels.

Telestream Vantage Social handles the heavy lifting of getting video into the social media ecosystem by formatting and delivering video, graphics and metadata in social media friendly formats. Vantage Social is currently deployed at entertainment, news and sports organizations to make video delivery to social media platforms fit smoothly into their production workflows, bridging the gap between the content production and social media marketing.

To learn more download the complete article, “Overcoming obstacles of distributing & promoting video content over social networks“.

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